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Title: 3rd Guideline for Perioperative Cardiovascular Evaluation of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology
Other Titles: Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia
Authors: Feitosa, Alina Coutinho Rodrigues
Gualandro, Danielle Menosi
Yu, Pai Ching
Caramelli, Bruno
Marques, André Coelho
Calderaro, Daniela
Fornari, Luciana Savoy
Pinho, Claudio
Polanczyk, Carisi Anne
Rochitte, Carlos Eduardo
Jardim, Carlos
Vieira, Carolina L. Z.
Nakamura, Debora Y. M.
Iezzi, Denise
Schreen, Dirk
Adam, Eduardo Leal
D’Amico, Elbio Antonio
Lima, Emerson Q. de
Burdmann, Emmanuel de Almeida
Mateo, Enrique Indalecio Pachón
Marcondes-Braga, Fabiana Goulart
Machado, Fabio S.
Paula, Flavio J. de
Carmo, Gabriel Assis Lopes do
Feitosa Filho, Gilson Soares
Prado, Gustavo Faibischew
Lopes, Heno Ferreira
Fernandes, João R. C.
Lima, José J. G. de
Sacilotto, Luciana
Drager, Luciano Ferreira
Vacanti, Luciano Janussi
Rohde, Luis Eduardo Paim
Prada, Luis F. L.
Gowdak, Luis Henrique Wolff
Vieira, Marcelo Luiz Campos
Monachini, Maristela Camargo
Costa, Milena Frota Macatrão
Paixão, Milena Ribeiro
Oliveira Junior, Mucio Tavares de
Cury, Patricia
Villaça, Paula R.
Farsky, Pedro Silvio
Siciliano, Rinaldo F.
Heinisch, Roberto Henrique
Souza, Rogerio
Gualandro, Sandra F.M.
Accorsi, Tarso Augusto Duenhas
Mathias Júnior, Wilson
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Abstract: The main aim of the guidelines is to update the concepts promulgated by its two predecessors, namely, the I and II Guidelines for Perioperative Evaluation of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology published in 2007 and 2011, respectively.1 When the systematic review of the collected evidence was conducted after five years since the last publication, we noticed a remarkable evolution of the knowledge on the subject, particularly in cardiology. In the perioperative environment, the physician needs to simultaneously gather concepts from different specialties to understand different aspects of the same problem and to optimize the language among clinicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and intensivists. Although problems related to other disciplines are addressed in this III Guidelines, we decided that the text should adopt the point of view of a cardiologist. In line with this decision, the III Guidelines incorporated the term cardiovascular and was thus termed Guidelines for Perioperative Cardiovascular Evaluation. Based on new findings, some novelties were included, such as new oral anticoagulants and surgical interventions in patients with dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT), in patients with last generation stents. Anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents were discussed in more detail for specific surgical procedures, such as dental, dermatological, endoscopic, and ophthalmologic.
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