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Title: Prevalence of chronic pain and associated factors in the population of Salvador, Bahia
Other Titles: Rev Saúde Pública
Authors: Sá, Katia Nunes
Baptista, Abrahão Fontes
Matos, Marcos Antonio Almeida
Lessa, Ines
Keywords: Pain epidemiology
Risk Factors
Chronic Disease
Socioeconomic Factors
Cross-Sectional Studies
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2008
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of chronic pain, identifying the associated factors. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted in a population sample of 2,297 individuals aged 20 years or more, in Salvador, Northeastern Brazil, in 1999 and 2000. A standardized questionnaire was administered at the individuals’ home to collect data about pain, sociodemographic characteristics, and abdominal circumference measurement. The criterion for chronic pain classification was duration above six months. Prevalence of pain was estimated by adjusted prevalence ratio with con dence interval of 95% and p<0.05 for the univariate analyses and logistic regression. RESULTS: The presence of chronic pain was found in 41.4% of the population. In the gross analysis, the most frequent associated factors were: sex, age, marital status, smoking and alcohol consumption (p<0.05). In the multivariate analysis, female sex, age, smoking and presence of central obesity were independent predictors, while moderate consumption of alcohol and being single were protectors. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of chronic pain was predominant in women, elderly individuals, obese individuals, smokers and ex-smokers. Preventive public health strategies are suggested, aiming to disseminate the risks of smoking and obesity for the development of chronic pain. In addition, the periodic monitoring of health is encouraged.
ISSN: 1518-8787
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