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Title: Laparoendoscopic transgastric resection of subepithelial juxtacardiac tumors
Other Titles: ABCD – Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva
Authors: Falcão de Santana, Marcelo
de Quadros, Luiz Gustavo
Kaiser Junior, Roberto Luiz
Marins Campos, Josemberg
Felix, Valter Nilton
Flamini Júnior, Mário
Vecchi, Maurício
Teixeira, André
Zotarelli Filho, Idiberto José
Keywords: Videoassisted surgery; Laparoscopy; Endoscopy; Stomach neoplasms.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Background: With a prevalence of 0.4-3.5%, subepithelial lesions of the upper digestive tract are discovered during endoscopic procedures. Treatment depends on etiological and pathophysiological information, ability to diagnose and the different technical resources available. Aim: To demonstrate the effectiveness of a surgical technique that combines endoscopy and videolaparoscopy in the transgastric resection of subepithelial juxtacardic lesions. Method: The patients were assisted with a technical combination between endoscopy and laparoscopy. After diagnosis of subepithelial tumor, intraoperative endoscopy was performed after pneumoperitoneum and placement of laparoscopic tweezers. Through endoscopy, the following steps were performed: demarcation of surgical margins, visualization of the intragastric image for the laparoscopic procedure and removal of the surgical specimen. By laparoscopy the following steps were performed: intragastric intra-abdominal access, resection of the part and closure of the gaps. Results: This technique was applied in two cases in order to evaluate its initial results. There were two videolaparoendoscopic resections of juxtacardiac gastric tumors of the posterior wall. Both had their endoscopic diagnosis confirmed. After laparoendoscopic and tomographic and/or ecoendoscopic diagnostic complementation and preoperative performance, the laparoendoscopic procedure was indicated. The patients had a good recovery, with a short hospitalization time and no complications. Conclusion: The combined use of videolaparoscopy and endoscopy is a safe and effective technique for transgastric resection of juxtacardiac subepithelial lesions. It may be important for definitive diagnosis of the tumor.
ISSN: 0102-6720
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