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Title: Analysis of functional capacity and postural balance in former cutters cane
Other Titles: Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine
Authors: Esteves, Mabel Barbosa
Bomfim, Kaliane Pamponet Prazeres
Veloso, Jaqueline Silva
Keywords: Walking; Postural Balance; Accidental Falls; Workers
Issue Date: 9-May-2018
Abstract: Background: Large-scale cane cultivation can promote health impacts of workers, resulting from weight bearing and repetitive movements. Musculoskeletal conditions can alter balance and increase risk of falls. Aim of Work: The objective of this study is to identify clinical characteristics and to correlate balance with functional capacity in ex-cane cutters. Methods: This was a descriptive exploratory study, 42 former workers of the cane cut, with mean age of 49 (±13) years, who were submitted to balance evaluation through the Berg Balance Scale (BSE) and the functional capacity was evaluated by the Incremental Shuttle Walk Test (ISWT). To investigate respiratory symptoms, the Medical Research Council questionnaire was used. Results: The individuals reached a mean of 52 points in BSE, considered low to moderate risk for falls and the average distance traveled of 446.2 (±188.5) meters, corresponding to 52.9% (±23.1) of the normal distance. Weak and negative orrelations were found between changes in balance and exposure time (r2 −0.16). Conclusion: It is concluded that excessive physical effort contributes to changes in the balance and, consequently, diminish functional capacity.
ISSN: 2333-357X
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