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Title: Polyunsaturated fat is associated with subclinical inflammation in women with overweight
Other Titles: International Journal of Current Research
Authors: Rodrigues, Luiz Erlon Araujo
Wagmacker, Djeyne Silveira
Fraga, Amanda Silva
Lima, Lilian Brito
Alves, Patrícia Sobreira
Santos, Luzete Fernandes
Ferreira, Jessica Layane Vilhena
Moreira, Jaqueline Barbosa
Petto, Jefferson
Ladeia, Ana Marice
Keywords: C-Reactive Protein; Overweight; Metabolism; Nutrition
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Abstract: ntroduction: The inflammation process is considered as a central factor with in the aspects that atherosclerosis. Several factors can affect the vascular inflammatory disease, such as dietary and metabolic patterns. Objective: to verify if there is an association between subclinical inflammation and dietary and metabolic factors in women with overweight. Methods: 66 women with overweight (BMI = 29±4,3kg/m2), sedentary with the age of 24±4.1 years. Lipid profile, insulin and C-reactive protein (CRP) were dosed after fasting. The nutrition survey was made through the 24-hour recall. Subclinical inflammation defined by levels of CRP>3,0mg/L. It was utilized t-tests for independent samples, Spearman’ rho, multivariate logistic regression, as significance level p<0,05. Results: Women with vascular inflammation present higher values of blood glucose levels85±8,1vs 83±7,9mg/dL (p=0,02) and BMI of32±5,6 vs 28±3,2kg/m2 (p=0,02), reduced intakeofpolyunsaturatedfats6±5,2 vs 10±8,1% (p=0,03) andfibers13±5,0 vs 20±13,8g/day (p˂0,01). After the analysis of logistic regression, remained as independent decisive factors: the BMI (OR=1,2, IC95% 1,1-1,5) and the total intake of polyunsaturated fat (OR=0,8 IC95% 0,7-0,8). Conclusion: In women with overweight, the total polyunsaturated fats in take is a protective factor, while increasing BMI is an independent predictor factor for the development of the subclinical inflammatory condition.
ISSN: 0975-833X
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